Susan Reardon

The Umbral Heart Technique

The Umbral Cortex is the integration point of Spirit, mind, heaven, and earth that lies deep within a sacred chamber within each spiritual heart.  It is the place through which you, as a soul being, enter the body en utero and the focal point from which each of us can live an inspired life.  

The Umbral Heart Technique is a deeply spiritual process teaching you to stand in the center of creation, integrating Spirit, mind, heaven and earth.  With practice, we become anchored there with the ability to live an integrated life fully connected to both heaven and earth, drawing forth one's Highest aspects from Source to live in the human form, co-creating our lives in deep connection with our Highest Self, each other, the earth and all of the cosmos. 

Living in harmony is easier than you think, it begins back where you began at the energetic center of your heart.