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​Yogic Mentoring - The Hero's Journey

World renowned theorist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung once said "I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among those in the second half of life - that is to say, over 35 - there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life.”

This Carl Jung quote inspires me to ask my clients; "Where in your life do you not see and experience the sacred?  This is where your journey begins...

The Essence of Yoga

Yoga literally translated means Yolking or Union, Union with the Divine.  The purpose of any yogic endeavor at its core, whether it be breath work, posture/asana, embodied mindfulness, or the application of yogic principles, is finding and connecting with the Divine, the sacred in all things, and remembering our true nature. 

The Hero’s Journey

Whatever name you have for the Divine, there seems to be a journey we take as humans toward and through this Great Mystery that opens us to all possibility.  The original intention of yoga in all its forms was to support us to reach these ends, to locate that hero within.  Each of us becomes the hero of our own life as we accept life’s challenges and overcome great odds to find personal empowerment, an authentic voice, our service contribution to society, and lastly the sacred in all things.  The great mystics and authors have identified three major phases to the journey.  These phases parallel human development on multiple levels.  Joseph Campbell identified the three phases as "The Departure", "The Trials and Victories of Initiation", and "The Return and Reintegration with Society".  What Campbell really meant by the hero's journey was the journey to our individual relationship with the Divine.  Developmentally, we view these three phases as Ego Development, Reforming the Ego, and Nurturing Soul.  Spiritually, the journey is of awakening, illumination, and union with the divine.  But the journey doesn't stop there.  The journey is also, psycho-emotional, archetypal, physical, energetic, and relational.  The process is going within, finding and experiencing our depth in all of these aspects.


Mentorship is an approach for supporting personal development, transformation, and goal attainment in teens, young adults, and adults.  Mentorship is traditionally relationship driven and often incorporates aspects of psychology, coaching, and adult transformative learning practices to aid in growth and change. Both formal and informal programs can be found in many environments including the workplace, schools, churches, business development groups, etc. Mentors, mentee’s, and organizations that provide mentorship programs can all benefit from such programs.

Yogic Mentoring the Hero’s Journey

Our programs are designed to meet the needs and interests of today’s most ordinary hero’s, people like you and me, individuals interested in personal development and/or a spiritual path, and those who know that there must be more to this life than meets the eye.  Yoga mentoring is for individuals willing to to go within, to create depth through self knowing, and investigate the sacred in relation to their own life.  By addressing personal development and transformation as part of a spiritual journey we utilize a framework of adult transformative learning supported by spiritual philosophies, neuroscience, and other evidence-based methods.  However, having taken the journey, we also know that this journey is a unique one and moreover, that the support work cannot simply be formulaic, but rather organic in nature. Therefore, part of the mentors' role is to offer responsive support to the moment to moment unfolding of the mentee's life from a shamanic perspective.  In other words, a mentor provides inspired responses as a result of direct communication with your individual Soul and Spirit.  

Utilizing this multidisciplinary approach we offer the tools and guidance necessary for you to become a leader, whether it be a leader in your family, community, group, organization, workplace, or the leader of your own life.  Yoga mentoring offers practices that improve critical self-reflection, self-awareness, energy management, and personal empowerment while offering support among the myriad of life’s experiences that provide opportunities for inner movements/growth/transformation toward a deeper place of inner self-knowing, authenticity, and self-love.  Yoga mentoring addresses from a holistic perspective, the inner developmental and spiritual work necessary for sustainable outer change and transformation.  

Sixth Sense Journeys…At the Forefront of Innovation

We have modernized the concept of the Hero’s Journey taking it from a Postmodern journey where we remain feeling incomplete into a fully integrated and holistic one. Regardless of your age or what phase of the journey you are in, we know that support during certain critical phases of the journey can make the difference between success in returning home from the journey transformed, with new Elixir's in hand, and failure.    For your success, we address the hero’s journey from multiple perspectives including:  

                     A developmental metaphor  - The journey to individuation
                     An emotional journey – The journey of emotional healing and intelligence
                     An archetypal perspective – The journey from traditional archetypes into spiritual archetypes
                     Spiritual awakening and transformation  – The journey to self-knowing and connection to soul/ higher self
                     An energetic journey – The journey through the chakras to enlightenment and a crystalline field
                     A physical journey – The journey toward optimal health and physical alignment
                     A relational journey – The journey of honoring interconnection and oneness while remembering the value of an individuals’ unique gifts and purpose while developing a                                                                   style of communication that allows for respect, dignity, intimacy, honesty, and trust.

At Sixth Sense Journeys, we believe that spirituality is both innate to each of us and a developmental journey.  We believe the physical body is the most dense aspect/manifestation of our being and is therefore a reflection of the spirit.  We understand the outer expansive trajectory of spirit as well as the inner depth necessary for the growth and nourishment of the soul.  We know through experience that one must take the journey into wholeness in order to lead another.  By incorporating, addressing and enlivening the innate spiritual function of both the client and mentor in an age of complexity, with high stress, high tech, toxic and highly competitive environments we can creatively approach growth by engaging with Spirit in the unknown.  By stepping between worlds, we allow Spirit to offer guidance and integration of all aspects of being.   We coach inner change and development for outer change and goal attainment via a process that views each client as a multidimensional complex energetic being and teaches toward that reality and self-mastery.    

Beginning the Hero's Journey (your first steps):

 Inner Reflection…

With professional guidance and care you’ll take a journey to discover your inner landscape.  Through critical discussion, self-questioning, physical and energetic exploration you will have the opportunity to uncover core values, challenge habits of mind, and investigate alternative perspectives opening to transformation and a more authentic truth.


Deep Presence…

By learning and engaging a model of three non-sequential axioms of mindfulness; intention, attention, and attitude in an effort to increase awareness, consciousness, stillness and ultimately Presence you will come to observe without judgment the unfolding of life’s experiences. 

Inspired Action…

Once engaged in mindfulness of body, mindfulness of feelings, mindfulness of mind, and mindfulness of mind-objects you will begin to develop your authentic empowerment, assisting you in making inspired decisions that support a connection to soul.  With a sustained connection, you can begin to integrate this awareness into your being allowing for increased opportunities for inspired action to take place.  Instead of habitually reacting you can learn to intentionally respond.  Inspired action leads to stillness in action and choices that offer inner peace, keeping you focused, efficient, and on your Hero’s Path and Souls Journey.

Laws of Spiritual Process:

In each moment of the hero’s journey you will apply the laws of spiritual process;

                    Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Accountability, Adjustment (of intention), Acceleration (of the energy body), Alignment (with Highest Self), (InSpired) Action, and 

                    Advancement toward outer goals.

The Results: 

The Actuation of a dynamic transformative growth process otherwise known as the hero’s journey.  A holistic and multidisciplinary approach to the hero’s journey that incorporates embodied mindfulness and so much more allowing for the following:


  • Mitigating the negative consequences of patterned, habitual conditioning 

  • Becoming more capable of self-regulation
  • Coping more effectively with the challenges and demands of everyday life
  • Discovering and becoming increasingly familiar with one’s hidden yet innate resources for learning, growing, healing, and thriving
  • Greater empowerment and use of an authentic voice
  • A new lens for viewing life’s experiences
  • A synergy with soul that results in a greater creative force
  • Clarity regarding goals and goal achievement
  • Skill Development
  • Integration of intellectual knowledge, new thought, and life experience
  • A process that supports inspired action
  • And ultimately, a deeper connection to soul and the sacred in everyday

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