Susan Reardon

​​​​​​Embodied Mindfulness

Embodied mindfulness is a multidisciplinary approach addressing the first two steps on the Hero's Journey, Inner Reflection and Deep Presence.  Embodied Mindfulness incorporates the disciplines of meditation, psychology, exercise physiology, neuroscience, and yoga therapy.  

The main intentions behind mindfulness practice...

Generally, the goals of mindfulness are to open to new possibilities through the observation and improved awareness of direct experience.  By cultivating the skills of observation we can immerse ourselves in ‘what is’ with an air of detachment from the outcome, improving our ability to move toward acceptance of ‘life as it is’.  In other words, as we become better witnesses of life's experiences we improve our ability to accept life on life's terms with less reaction and improved response from a place of inner peace and acceptance.   

Non-ordinary experience...

By deeply entering into the body, utilizing it as a tool for personal development we can transcend the body.  Embodied mindfulness allows for a safe expansion of consciousness that is anchored in and balanced with human development.  By utilizing the body as a guide, a source of metaphor, and training ground, we develop the ability to safely experience 5 different altered states of consciousness that include; activation of the body's subtle senses, synchronicity, expansion of the perception of time and space, meeting with the collective unconscious, and mystical/spiritual experience that enables  an expanded interpretation of reality. 

The Results...

By developing and embracing the 5 categories of non-ordinary experience we increase our potential for understanding the true nature of reality.  With this understanding we increase our potential for growth and transformation.  As we develop these capacities and begin to see life as it is we increase our ability to be compassionate toward ourselves and ultimately toward others.  One gift of embodied mindfulness is Presence.  As we combine deep presence with our selves, our expanded view of the world, and its reality we come to take soul inspired action that keeps us on the path of our destiny, the Hero's Journey.


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